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Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. Protect yourself from making the wrong investment with a home inspection.

The furnace, if not inspected, can be a big fire hazard and can also drain your hard-earned money. It is a critical point of inspection and you need to know about its condition. It is a possible danger if it is not checked, and only a professional can give you an accurate status report.

Bath and or kitchen fans venting to attics can lead to moisture build up and then to mold. Only a keen eye will be able to catch these possibly harmful errors. Even a waste stack being used to ground outlets is not recommended by professional home inspectors.

The rafters and the framework of the house are a critical step in home inspections. They hold up the house and by inspecting them you can tell the strength of the house. For example, if the rafter does not extend and tie into the ridge board, it could be a structural deficiency.

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